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Pastry chef Michael Guasta on the Donna Drake Show. Chef sitting in a red chair on a TV set with a fondant dog cake on his side and a floral cake on the table across from him

Our Very Own Michael Guasta Shines on The Donna Drake Show

February 21, 2024

In an exciting recent episode of The Donna Drake Show: Live It Up!, viewers were treated to a delightful conversation with our very own Michael Guasta, the pastry chef and the creative force behind Pure Sugar Inc. Known for his boundless creativity and unique designs, Michael shared his journey in the world of pastry artistry and discussed his latest culinary venture; delectable artisanal biscotti.

From Numbers to Fondant

Michael’s path to pastry prowess wasn’t conventional. Initially pursuing a career in accounting, fate intervened when a chance encounter with a televised cake competition captured his attention. Mesmerized by the colorful confections towering before him, Michael’s curiosity was piqued. Little did he know this moment would spark a culinary odyssey.

Driven by newfound passion, Michael ventured into the uncharted territory of fondant. Armed with determination and a dash of Google-fueled research, he mastered the art of this elusive ingredient, transforming it into a canvas for his artistic expression. The result? Fondant creations that not only dazzle the eye but tantalize the taste buds—a true testament to his dedication to perfection.

Beyond the Cake: The Birth of Snickerdoodle Biscottis

In his constant quest for innovation, Michael has turned his favorite cookie – the snickerdoodle – into biscottis. Since traditional snickerdoodles have a short shelf life, he collaborated with his sous chef to reinvent them into biscottis dipped in white chocolate for added stability. This clever adaptation ensures that these beloved cookies can be enjoyed for longer and are perfect for dipping in coffee.

Embrace the Fear

When asked about his advice for those contemplating a career change, Michael’s reply was simple yet profound: “Don’t be afraid of the fear; manipulate it to work in your favor.” His journey from accountant to renowned pastry chef is a testament to this philosophy.

Dive into Michael Guasta’s Inspiring Journey and Stay Tuned for More from Pure Sugar Inc. on Long Island, NY

Michael Guasta’s appearance on The Donna Drake Show: Live It Up! offered viewers a glimpse into his sweet journey of passion, creativity, and resilience. His story serves as an inspiration for anyone considering a career change and proves that with passion and dedication, success is indeed sweet. Be sure to watch the full interview above for more insights!

Stay connected for more updates from Michael Guasta and Pure Sugar Inc. With his relentless innovation and mastery over pastries, there’s always something exciting cooking up!